Banquet facilities

Paradis- / Joakim Skovgaard banqueting room

The artist Joakim Skovgaard has with it’s interpretations of the creation myth adorned and made the paradis room for a unique banqueting room, which generates beautiful and classic frames around any celebration. The living room is 39 m2 and can accommodate 40 people at 4 oval tables, 30 people at two long tables or 18 people at one long table.
In addition to the paradise room, is the garden room with panoramic views of the garden and lake and give access to the terrace and garden.

If the weater allows, it is possible to served welcome drinks on the terrace, in the park or in the charming garden.

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The pavilion

116 m2 banqueting room. Large natural light through the big  windows at the ends, and in the ceiling. Here is a lovely view of the forest and the castle‘s lake.
The pavilion accommodates up to 110 guests in several different ways.


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White & Green dining roome

For the smaller parties we recommend White or Green dining room with beautiful Swedish stoves and a plush stucco ceiling, which puts an extra special touch to the rooms.
The rooms can also be used for receptions, to welcome drink or coffee after dinner.

White dining room
34.5 m2 with access to a terrace. There is room for 18 people at one table or 20 people at two oval tables

011 Hvid Stue

Green dining room
20.5 m2 dining romm overlooking the garden and lake. The room has space for 14 people at one table.



On the first floor you will locate the classen Library, Kaare Klint shelving and yet one of the castle’s beautifully decorated, Swedish stoves. Here is a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where a cognac or a drink can be enjoyed after dinner. The library can also be used for receptions, closed parties or at press conferences, as for example when the government is visiting the castle. From the associated large balcony, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful views of Havreholm Slots lake.

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Garden-room and The Orangery

144 m2 banqueting room. Of 44 m2 Panorama lounge, separate bar and lounge area.
The room has space for 65 people, with terrace, garden and pool area.

NB. Our new banqueting room is under renovation and will be completed by March 1, 2016

The forest barn

(mid-April end of September)

Bring nature to the table.

Raw banqueting room of 95 m2 with exposed rafters. Here are great opportunities to put your own touch on the decor and decorations.
The forest barn has room for 75 guests. Expandable with 50 m2 banquet tent, so that capacity can be expanded up to a total of 100 guests.

Access to large terrace and green areas

Skovladen ude


Frokost i skovladen

Havreholm Slot villa

2-storey house of 248 m2. lying on 1200 m2 undisturbed site with a private terrace and garden. The large dining room can have up to 10 guest for dinner.
Here are 2 bathrooms and overnight accommodation for 10 adults, as well as an extra bed for 2 children, distributed on the property 5 rooms.